Our “Cooking for Two” series is all about those of us who love good food but need smaller batches. Maybe you’re single or coupled but with no kids (no kids, before kids, after kids). Whatever the reason, you don’t necessarily want a lot of leftovers hanging around. We had you in mind when we developed these recipes.

As an empty nester, I have gradually learned to make a few adjustments to cooking for just the two of us. It’s a process, especially if you have been cooking for a family for many years. I confess that I am surprised how much fun I am having cooking just for two. I hope you will, too!

Easy Chicken for Two!

This chicken is my new favorite dish. It takes almost no prep time, uses one pot and one pan, and tastes dreamy with lots of lemon, herbs, and my favorite green olives!

Marinating the chicken in yogurt tenderizes the chicken, while…

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