Vermicelli salad in a bowl with sauce spooned over here to Pin this recipe

Holy moly. This salad is a summertime flavor showstopper for your mouth, and it’s all thanks to the simple but incredibly lime-and-lemongrass-based sauce that just slips all over the plate, coating every bite and putting flavor into every last delicious corner and crevice.

And as a person who really enjoys big, savory-sweet, nuanced flavor, even though I always always question the fish sauce, I really cannot say enough how much I love this salad.

Like most of us, my favorite kinds of salads are based around noodles. In this case, thin, delicate skinny little rice noodles called vermicelli. Team carb salads!

I also love it when salads are beautiful:

Vermicelli salad in a bowl with tofu and herbs.

But listen – I also live a real life where I don’t always have time to FIND something to eat for before 3pm much less assemble beautiful salads? Know what I mean?

So I wanted to give you…

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