Oh, summertime. I love you and your relaxed schedules, lazy days, and abundance of fresh fruit. However, I do have one small problem.

It’s nearly impossible to get breakfast and lunch on the table.

It’s not you, it’s us. Because our routines have gone out the window, and we come and go as we please, we’re all hungry at different times. And let’s face it… I’d rather spend my time outside reading a book, basking in the warm sun than planning three meals a day. I can do dinner, but the other two meals are a free-for-all.

So, summertime, here’s how I think we can fix this problem. GRAZING TRAYS. I’ll prep ingredients once a week, put them on a tray, and let my kids have at it whenever they want and whenever our schedule allows.


These mini grazing trays came together when I was trying to break up the boredom of summer…

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