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There are lots of reasons a person might decide to make a mango kiwi cooler, ranging from wow-it’s-hot-out, to okay-yes-could-have-probably-eaten-more-fruits-and-vegetables-this-week, to need-a-pick-me-up-in-the-form-of-a-sweet-treat.

I’m kind of checking all those boxes right now.

This smoothie can be an afternoon snack, a night-time patio-sitting treat, or honestly… second breakfast?

It’s sweet but it’s also light and refreshing, especially if you get extra friendly with the lime zest and maybe even go rogue with some fresh mint or basil additions. I mean… you wouldn’t be wrong.

Even though it can stand in for a nightly drink and/or a milkshake, this beauty actually packs a wholesome and nutritious punch with:

But I don’t even want to sell you this as a healthy smoothie because that’s not its best feature – it’s…

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