Mango Paradise smoothie.

Close your eyes, imagine you are on a deserted beach, with fine sand and crystal clear blue waters. Not working? That’s because you need a small taste of it to transport you there. You need a Mango Paradise smoothie, our most exotic flavour.


The best combination of ingredients


At Life Smoothies each piece of fruit is selected to guarantee quality. The fruit is never damaged or too ripe, as it is picked when it is perfectly ripe.


For this smoothie, we wanted a special and exotic flavour that would transport us to paradise, and so we chose three tropical fruits: pineapple, mango and passion fruit.


Pineapple: Pineapple comes from Brazil, where it was found by European colonisers, but today the main producing countries are China, the United States, Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines, Costa Rica and Mexico.


Mango: Mango, however, despite what…

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