Retro recipes don’t get any better than this! This candy has rich history to match its flavor with creamy coconut and pecan filling. 

This old fashioned candy has been around for ages, but not quite as far back as its namesake. It’s something your grandma might have made. It originated in Pennsylvania, but it has come to be a southern favorite – mostly because we’ll eat anything if it has a can of sweetened condensed milk in it. 

When I first made this candy I didn’t know its history, and pondered the fact that coconut, which is a main ingredient, didn’t arrive in the United States until late 1800s – long after Mrs. Washington’s time. It turns out that these candies originated from The Martha Washington Candies Company by purveyor Elie Sheetz, which was a confectionery during the early 1900s. The business thrived until the Great Depression, when most shops closed. This recipe…

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