There are many ways to make smoothies, but sometimes we don’t know the product or the ingredients well enough and we make mistakes which means it doesn’t turn out the way we want it to. In this post we give you some tips that you should keep in mind. Pay attention because these are some mistakes to avoid when making your smoothie.

Don’t think it’s boring and don’t let it get monotonous.

If you get bored of always having the same smoothie, try different ones! The combinations are endless, the variety goes as far as your creativity. If you’re short of ideas, you can take a look at the Life Smoothies catalogue, you definitely won’t get bored of any of these.  And you don’t always have to drink it as a liquid, you can also freeze it and enjoy it as an ice cream in the shape you want by using different moulds.

Fruit and ice? Go for frozen fruit.

Big mistake! Some…

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