Take mojo marinated pork outdoors this summer with these flavor-packed kebabs. Using a variety of veggies and (surprise!) fruit means you never have to make the same kebab twice.

Mojo has a zippy bite because of the grapefruit and lime juice that it’s made with. Copious amounts of garlic add nothing but Latin flavor to the kebabs. As a result, this might become your go-to marinade for all your grilled proteins.

Childhood Memories of Kebabs

My childhood memories are filled with kebab fundraisers to support my mom’s or dad’s Air Force units. We stayed up all night impaling chunks of pork on sticks to grill the following day.

My entire Saturday was consumed by fake-smiling at adults while trying to hawk kebabs. I hated it. The only ray of hope came in the hourly breaks I was given (child labor laws being what they are) where I was able to eat a kebab. Two…

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