This New Orleans Gumbo is a southern classic! It is full of sausage, shrimp, the “Holy Trinity” of vegetables, okra, and a dark roux. Enjoy the flavors of Louisiana in this comforting Creole dish!

Every region of the country has their signature dish and Gumbo is the star of Louisiana. This soup is so full of flavor and comfort. For more southern favorites, try Beignets, Southern Hush puppies, and Shrimp Creole.

A bowl of New Orleans Gumbo and rice topped with scallions.

New Orleans Gumbo

You many not be able to travel to the south and enjoy all the yummy comfort food but you can still enjoy it in your own home! This gumbo is actually quite easy to make. The hardest thing is being patient with cooking the roux but you can do it!

What is Gumbo?

Gumbo is a popular Louisiana soup and is actually the state’s official cuisine. Gumbo can be Cajun or Creole but almost all are made with a dark roux, a combination of meat and shellfish, Creole or <a…

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