My gut tells me that if you’re a regular on Simply Recipes, you know your way around the kitchen. I would also venture to guess that you have friends or family members who aren’t quite so savvy at the stove.

These are the folks who have never picked up a whisk before and have the delivery guy on speed dial. This post is for you, the uninitiated, who are sheltering in place with a fridge full of ingredients and no idea what to do with them. It’s a round-up of 15 entry-level-easy recipes for new cooks of every age and stage.

That said, this post is for seasoned cooks, too. The current crisis is taxing for everyone, whether you’re trying to hang onto a job or homeschool your kid. This is a good time to give yourself a break in the kitchen. So, make these recipes for yourself, or share them with friends. Who knows, maybe by the time this is all over they’ll know what to do with…

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