I could wax on and on about my love for pie. The flake of the crust, the sweet filling, that sparkle of sugar on the crust — but I’ll spare you.

Peach pie with fresh peach filling is right up there on my list of favorite things to make and eat. One of my very first memories is of riding my grandfather’s shoulders, picking peaches right off the trees in a California orchard, taking that first bite, and letting the juices flow down my arm.

This is the memory of summer for me, and peach pie is a recipe I think every baker should have in their recipe box.

VIDEO! How to Make Peach Pie

The Best Peach Pie Filling

I like to use fresh, ripe peaches, and I peel them before slicing. It is extra work, but I think it’s well worth it. This said, frozen peaches totally work as well. (I’ve tested this pie with both.)

I like to thicken my peach pies with…

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