For the last few months, we’ve been taste-testing a new cooking staple every month to find the best products for your pantry. (Just hearing about this now? Check out our past picks for our favorite creamy natural peanut butter, jarred tomato sauce, boxed chicken broth, and gluten-free pasta!)

This month we searched for the best everyday olive oil, because olive oil may be the most essential cooking staple of all! We cook with it. We bake with it. And then we cook with it some more! The Simply Recipes editors go through a lot of olive oil, which is why we wanted to find a solid, go-to bottle that wouldn’t break the bank and was versatile enough to be used both for cooking and dressing and drizzling.

We tasted 10 brands of extra virgin olive oils in two rounds, and it was a tight race to the finish!

The top five contenders

The Brands We Tested

As with every…

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