How to Peel Fresh Peaches

To remove the peels from fresh peaches, just bring a pot of water to a boil, drop in 4-5 peaches, and boil for 30-60 seconds. Remove them with a slotted spoon and continue working in batches until all the peaches are boiled.

Let the peaches cool briefly, then peel off the skins with a paring knife. They should come right off.

Peach cobbler is really best with the skins removed, but if you’re in a hurry or you don’t mind the texture (or you like the texture!), feel free to leave them on.

Can You Use Frozen Peaches?

Yes, it’s fine to use frozen peaches. Let them thaw in a colander before making your cobbler.

The Peach Cobbler Topping

This cobbler topping is a simple mix of flour, baking powder, butter, and heavy cream. We add a pinch of nutmeg for spice.

We leave the topping in big crumbles. If you prefer a more biscuit-like topping, just pat the crumbles…

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