Notes on working with egg whites. Eggs are easiest to separate when they are cold, and they fluff up the best in the oven when they start at room temperature. So separate the eggs when you take them out of the fridge, then let the whites sit for a while (30 min or so) to take the chill off before beating them.

Make sure that all bowls, hands, and utensils that might touch the eggs are clean and free from oils.


1 Preheat oven to 300°F (150°C).

2 Break pecans into small pieces: Place pecans in zipper baggie and beat them with a wooden spoon or roll over them with a rolling pin to break them into small pieces. Set aside.

3 Add salt to egg whites and beat to soft peaks: Put egg whites into a spotlessly clean standup mixer bowl. Add salt. Beat on medium speed until soft peaks start to…

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