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There’s something joyful and magical about making your own marshmallows! Not only is the process fun to do, but you can customize the flavor to your liking.

These festive peppermint marshmallows are great for topping hot cocoa or just nibbling when you want a treat. Expect loud proclamations of “You made these?!” and “I didn’t even know that you can make homemade marshmallows!” when you serve them.

How do you make marshmallows?

Marshmallows aren’t difficult to make, but it’s helpful if you have a candy or deep frying thermometer. After all, you ARE making candy! 

First you’ll line your pan with If You Care parchment paper, spray it with cooking spray, and dust with a little confectioners sugar and cornstarch.

Then you’ll start making the marshmallows! Simply soften unflavored powdered…

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