A mimosa is a combination of juice and sparkling wine. Orange juice and Champagne are the classic mix – dating back to the early 20th century – but any combination of fruit juice, fruit purée, or nectar can be combined with a sparkling alcohol (or even sparkling nonalcoholic beverage) for a mimosa recipe.

For today’s sweet-tart, tropical twist, we’re using pineapple and mango with a brut Cava.


While any sparkling wine would technically be an acceptable choice for a mimosa, I find that certain types of sparkling beverages are better for some juices than others.

For the sweet-tart combination of pineapple and mango, I’m sticking with the Spanish sparkling wine called Cava.

Cava is often confused with Prosecco, from Italy, since they are both sparkling wines often found intermingled in the wine area of your liquor store. Spanish Cava,…

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