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It’s hard to describe how much there is to love about these sandwiches, but I’ll try:

Crunchy, buttery, toasted bread is going to meet up with roasted steak-seasoned portobello strips, sweet and golden caramelized onions, a sheet of melted Provolone, and a big thick smear of horseradish aioli…

And then just when you think it can’t even get any better, that whole beautiful crispy, saucy, golden sandwich gets dunked in a richly savory, no-meat-necessary, au jus dipping sauce.

Ingredients for portobello french dip.

It is wonderful, it is meatless, it is the epitome of comfort food.

Dipping portobello french dip into au jus.

Watch how to make this recipe:

French dips are a type of sandwich that normally contain beef, onions, and cheese (also called beef dips) and their trademark is that they get dipped in an au jus (brothy kind of sauce). According to this nice little history of French dips,…

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