Smith Island Cake gets a holiday makeover with layers of red velvet, swirled white chocolate frosting, and festive candy ornament toppers.

I’ve had Smith Island Cake on my baking bucket list for perhaps five years or more. That’s a long time! I’ve just never found the right moment or the right inspiration, until now. A ready-made red velvet version caught my eye on the Smith Island Baking Company’s website. My southern heart was instantly smitten. I wanted to make my own version because it was so beautiful, and because I want to celebrate Christmas 2020 in a BIG way. We’ve all had quite a year and I think we deserve some happiness a dozen layers high!

This is a Maryland tradition, usually made with 8 to12 yellow cake layers and chocolate frosting. In my search for a recipe, I happened upon the Maryland Office of Tourism site, which offered an authentic yellow and chocolate Smith…

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