Refrigerator Pickles are easy to make and are perfectly crunchy and flavorful.  Crispy pickles have been a family favorite for years and are now so simple to make from scratch at home!

For a creative way to use your refrigerator pickles and their juice, try using them to make Copycat Chic-fil-a Nuggets or a Chic-fil-a Chicken Sandwich.  Add a pickle on the sandwich too for the perfect crunch!

Refrigerator pickles in a jar

Refrigerator Canned Pickles

Vibrant and crisp pickles make such a refreshing snack or addition to any sandwich.  Store bought jars can lack the pungent flavor and crunchy bite that makes a pickle so delicious.  That’s why pickling cucumbers at home is so amazing.  You are guaranteed they will be light and fresh and you can create the exact taste you want in your pickle by making variations in your brine.

These refrigerator pickles are loaded with the bright and fresh taste of vinegar and a…

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