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Risotto has a reputation of being finicky and tricky, but in reality it’s not difficult when you’re working with the right ingredients.

Here, asparagus roasted in extra-virgin olive oil and coated with a balsamic glaze is the star of the show with only a few supporting cast members: good stock, peas, onions, lemon, Parmesan, and of course, rice. Comfort in a bowl awaits.

Video! How to Make Risotto with Balsamic-Roasted Asparagus

Which Rice Should I Use?

For traditional style risotto, you need short-grain, starchy rice such Italian Arborio or Carnaroli. Asian or Spanish bomba short-grain rice will also work in a pinch.

The Best Stock For the Job

Your stock should taste good enough to sip by itself; no amount of added cheese can rescue the risotto if the stock is not good.

For that…

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