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Tangy, briney, and peak stand-over-the-stove-eating-out-of-the-pan goodness.

This low-key puttanesca is a marriage of steamy, sticky noodles, and a silky, olive-oil-heavy, garlicky sauce made with loads of fresh vegetables (yes, vegetables). A knob of butter gets melted into the noodles / sauce to turn up the sauciness, and then, for its final act, the whole thing gets jazzed up with lemon and capers and maybe olives, if you like. It can be topped with some fresh parsley, but also, a little more lemon, salt, and pepper because no, sorry, we don’t quit.

It’s zippy and buttery and fresh all rolled into one. I love it so much.

Plus! Like all good recipes in my life right now, it’s stupidly easy to make.

First up: roast some veggies.

Golden brown = flavor.

Now pulse up your veggies with a can of diced tomatoes, some garlic, lemon,…

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