Salmon Burgers are light and tasty burgers that are easy to make ahead and enjoy all summer!  The homemade salmon patty is flavorful and quick and easy to grill!

For more delicious creative burgers try Grilled Portobello Burger or Turkey Burger.  These burgers are so impressive and are loaded with flavor!

Finished salmon burgers on a tray.

Delicious Salmon Burgers

Salmon burgers are so satisfying and healthy.  Those two words don’t usually go together, but this nutrient packed burger is both good for you and just good!  It is one of the best salmon burger recipes, including restaurant versions.  The fresh taste of seafood and the tangy and bright seasonings are perfection in every hearty bite.

Making a salmon burger from scratch is easy to do and it comes together in under 30 minutes.  Make these patties in bulk and freeze them to grill later, or grill them freshly made.  Either way, the result is a must try…

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