Thinly sliced collard greens sautéed with bacon, garlic, and olive oil is the perfect side dish for New Year’s Day.

Sauteed Collard Greens with Bacon
Sauteed Collard Greens with Bacon

It’s tradition to eat collard greens on New Year’s Day because their green color symbolizes wealth and prosperity for the coming year. This easy collard greens recipe is absolutely my favorite way to eat them. If you are a vegetarian, just leave out the bacon. Another collard greens recipe I love is Kenyan Braised Collard Greens with Ground Beef, known as Sukuma Wiki.

Collard Greens and Bacon in a skillet.

For many years, my dad lived in Brazil, and collard greens, known as “couve,” are a popular side dish there. The greens would also go well with these Brazilian black beans any time of the year.

Are collard greens healthy?

It’s a good idea to include collard greens in your diet regularly because of their ability to lower cholesterol and their cancer-preventive…

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