Well, hi.

It’s September, but it’s EARLY September, so a picture of the last few ripe days of summer is what’s gonna be happening right now.

Okay, buckle up and grab a drink! Is it a cozy PSL keeping your warm on your couch? Is it a cold agua fresca to cool you down while you soak up the sun? Could be either! Depends on the day! Because it’s that magical time of year known as September.

Firstly, I think it’s worth acknowledging that I have fallen out of rhythm with these posts this summer. I love these posts so much. Let me explain the drought.

I did a series of posts in March, April, and May called the Quarantine Reports – basically a documentation of what time at home was looking like for us during the stay at home order. Oh my gosh. Remember the emotional train wreck that was quarantine? LOL.

And after the stay at home order ended, and people started…

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