Juices or smoothies. Smoothies or juices. In a new post on the Life Smoothies blog we will see some of the differences between these two drinks, that although they are family-friendly, are different in many ways.

The main difference is that while in juices only the liquid is extracted from the fruit, smoothies include pieces of fruit, including the skin in some cases, and then a liquid component is added to them, such as water or some kind of juice. At Life Smoothies we recommend using apple juice as it has a neutral flavour.

It is precisely because of how they are made that means they have a different effect on the human body and means smoothies have many benefits. Let’s see why.


More fibre

Smoothies have more fibre. This is because by including the whole fruit, the nutrient that is present in the pulp and especially in the skin of many fruits, is preserved better.


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