Working with sugar is simply a matter of preparation, focus, and instinct. Each time I’ve attempted to rush my caramel-making, I’ve found myself frustrated by either a runny or burnt caramel, or a runny caramel and a burnt me. We want none of that here.

These caramels are my candy pride and joy. For me the “perfect” caramel is one that is not runny, yet one that isn’t too hard. A buttery flavor is a must and it can’t be grainy in the slightest. This recipe covers all of those bases, so you can see why I share it with pleasure.

Because I’ve already beat myself over the head with candy-making frustration, I expect this recipe to be a walk in the candyland park for you. I’m going to equip you with the correct techniques and cues to ensure your candy-making is pleasurable and fun. Key tools to have on hand, visual alerts to pay attention to and things…

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