This post was originally published five years ago, but its power to bless our lives with a small moment of fall joy absolutely lives on. The one fancy and special thing about this recipe is that there is NOTHING fancy and special about it! It’s a simple, solid, uncluttered classic that doesn’t need any embellishment. All it needs for full pumpkiny greatness is you, your best fall sweater (or more like pajamas), and a steaming mug of rich, dark coffee. Enjoy!

This uncomplicated, EXTRA moist, sugared pumpkin bread is straight up classy.

Classy, among other things. Like barely sweet, perfectly moist, and if you so choose, a perfect canvas for melty butter or – I’m going to go there – HONEY PECAN CREAM CHEESE?? – with your morning coffee.

This guy is simple and straightforward: no chocolate chips, no nuts (gah! the betrayal), and no frosting or overloaded…

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