The Best Cherries for Pie

Look for dark, sweet Bing cherries for this pie. Yellow-red Rainier cherries will also work just fine, but they have a milder flavor than Bings and will therefore make a more mild-tasting pie.

Make sure your cherries are firm and plump. Avoid cherries that look shriveled or blemished.

Frozen cherries can also be used to make pie. Just let them thaw completely in a colander before making your pie.

How to Pit Your Cherries

As Elise says, “It does help to have a good cherry pitter.

Those pits can be rather time consuming to remove.” If you don’t have a cherry pitter try one of these options:

  • Hit the cherry with the flat of a knife and remove the pit
  • Use a bamboo chopstick to poke out the pit
  • Use a paperclip to snag the pit
  • Push the pits out using a pastry tip.

Read more about these methods here: 4 Ways to Pit Cherries if You Don’t Have a Cherry Pitter.


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