When I first started cooking with my Instant Pot, there were no accessories; you just had to wing it! I raided thrift stores for old pans and rigged up all kinds of contraptions from wads of foil that worked okay if you didn’t breathe on them the wrong way.

That wasn’t even ten years ago, but since then a multitude of accessories designed just for Instant Pots have popped up. Which ones are worth bothering with? I tried out a dozen, and here’s what I liked best.

(And, before you go on an ordering spree, always check to see if the accessory is compatible with your model. There things are not always universal.)

Hadrigo Steamer Basket

Accommodating everything from broccoli to tamales to beets, here’s the One Steamer to Rule them All. For years, I’ve used a totally old-school collapsible metal steamer just like my mom had, only I got mine at the Goodwill….

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