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And when I say easy, I really do mean easy.

Like, cream cheese, peanut butter, sugar, and Cool Whip kind of easy.

If this combination makes you raise your eyebrows, you’re not wrong. But I wouldn’t lie to you: somehow this gang of ingredients comes together to make a layer of fluffy peanut buttery filling that is pillowy, light, and incredibly rich all at the same time.


Now listen up, kids. This is not really a recipe for normal times. Cream cheese, Cool Whip, Oreos… I understand that these are not foods that most of us try to eat on the regular.

But that is exactly what makes this is a 100% perfect recipe for quarantine times. This is a weird version of real life where you just do what you need to do, such as making an easy, totally luscious peanut butter pie just because it’s Tuesday. Or is it…

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