Light and fluffy with an egg-like taste, Yorkshire Pudding is a delicious side dish perfect for serving with your Sunday roast. This easy recipe will show you how to prepare the dish traditionally with beef drippings or using standard fats like butter and oil.

This is a delicious bread dish that is dessert like. If you love Yorkshire pudding then try this focaccia bread, perfect naan, or soda bread next.

Easy Yorkshire pudding in a muffin tin.

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Whether you plan on making a large pot of beef stew or a simple pot roast you’ll want to whip up some Yorkshire pudding to accompany your dish. This eggy side dish is perfect for soaking up the gravy on your roast or those last drops of your stew. Just making this recipe took me back to a vacation I took with my husband to the English countryside years ago. We spent some time in Surrey and dined on meals with Yorkshire pudding in traditional pubs.


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