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Hello! Welcome to the land of deliciousness where all you need is a few pantry ingredients, a jar, and your choice of anything to marinade in heavenly, smokey-sweet, savory flavor.

In our house we are now calling this The Everything Marinade!

The flavor is incredibly adaptable to whatever it is that you’re serving it with – but my favorite is the most simple. I love just using it to make the main thing SING with smokey sweetness (even if the main thing is as humble as a block of tofu or some mushrooms), and serving it up with sides of green salads, mashed or roasted potatoes, and crusty no-knead bread.

Here’s what you put in your jar that makes the base of this happen:

  • maple syrup (SWEET)
  • olive oil (SILKY)
  • soy sauce (SALTY)
  • balsamic (TANG)
  • smoked paprika (SMOKE)

And then finish with a few ingredients that make you go, gosh, that’s good,…

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