Hi again!

Things are still weird and stuff is still closed and life is still taking place within the confines of these four walls… so it’s time for the next Quarantine Report!

Also, though. The grass is growing, and the sun is… kinda, depends on the moment… shining, and love from family and friends is still traveling the distance to meet each of us in our own little at-home worlds.

I still appear to be strapped into a rollercoaster that takes me all over the emotional landscape from day to day, but maybe that is normal because nothing is normal. This is just the ride right now. And on the upside, there are some fun things to report on this week.

Here’s the Quarantine Report List:

  • Something Delicious
  • Something Outside
  • Something Connected
  • Something Fun
  • A Sage Photo


Overall this week was much better than last week for me.

When I say much better,…

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