Same time same place, and we meet again! Except this time I have a bowl of grape remnants in my lap.

Today marks 42 days in quarantine for me. In 42 days, I’ve been out in the public world exactly three times. That’s a lot of time at home.

Bjork and I are splitting days and times and hours to try to both cover our work and parenting bases, and it is, well, just kind of impossible. It doesn’t make sense – there are two of us, and one of her – but considering we are used to having at least 30 hours of weekly childcare that has suddenly gone away, I guess it makes sense that balancing all of it feels so overwhelming.

Staying home for this long is both important and hard. Week after week, news cycle after news cycle, I am feeling the when-does-the-end feelings right there with you. I’m trying to remember that even if we don’t know when it ends, it isn’t forever….

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