They are blooming!

We go on walks and just sit and look at them and Solvi waves at them from her stroller. There is at least a 99% chance that newly-blooming flowers can save us all right now.

How are you all doing?

We just got word that Minnesota’s stay at home order is now extended for another two weeks. What is the situation where you live?

Can you get outside? Are you feeling heavy and dull (been there) or is spring slowly lifting your mood like it is for many of us here in Minnesota?

Here’s a recap on our week in quarantine.


Honestly I didn’t really think this day would come, but here I am reporting that overall this week in quarantine was really… actually… GOOD!

A big, big, big part of that was that it was my birthday this week, and even though I didn’t get to do the normal fun stuff I would have liked to do on my…

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