These tiny biscuits are rich and buttery beyond words! Serve them when you’re short on time, or when you’re looking for a fuss-free bite.

This year we’ll be celebrating Easter with a lot less people around our table, but I’m still holding tight to our holiday dinner traditions. I’ll be making a smaller version of Easter dinner with a turkey breast I found in the freezer, some scaled-down sides, and these lemon icebox pies in jars for a sweet ending.

Last weekend I was able to replenish my eggs and dairy, but flour is still proving to be elusive. I was planning to make my favorite buttermilk dinner rolls, but ultimately decided 7 cups of flour for one recipe was too much to part with right now. Instead I’ll be whipping up these truly decadent cheesy mini biscuits.

Three Ingredient Cream Cheese Mini Biscuits

This is a recipe that’s easy to commit to memory. You’ll need a package of cream cheese, a stick of butter, and a…

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