These buttery pastries are filled with summer’s best berries. Serve them with hot coffee or tea for a wonderful start to the day!

Summer usually means at least one trip to our favorite berry farm, where picking a gallon is an easy pleasure and fingers turn purple-red from secretly taste testing the goods. We’re not venturing out much these days, so when I get my hands on fresh berries – even the store bought kind – I want to celebrate them! These scones are a beautiful way to use the season’s best berries.

Triple Berry Scones

As a well-practiced southern biscuit maker, I’ve tried almost every technique for cutting butter into flour. Scones are very biscuit-like, and my favorite way to make them is with grated frozen butter. It takes a bit of work on the large holes of a box grater, but it’s well worth the end result. The frozen pieces of butter evenly disperse throughout the flour, and stay cold…

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