Who wouldn’t like to be on a beach enjoying a Tropi Colada by the sea? Everyone! We can’t take you physically to one of these paradises, but through the sense of taste we can at the very least make you taste this experience. We invite you to try one of the most popular Life Smoothies: our Tropi Colada smoothie, our sweetest smoothie. You just have to close your eyes and every sweet and refreshing sip will take you to one of these picture-postcard beaches creating a magical parenthesis in your routine.

Tropi Colada ingredients

As you know, at Life Smoothies, we believe that one of the key things that make the difference are the ingredients, that’s why we always use high quality fruits. Selected with the utmost care and frozen when they are perfectly ripe, so that you get delicious moments in a smoothie.

Tropi Colada contains three delicious fruits: banana, mango and…

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