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Banana Cream Pie is making a comeback in my life (and yours) starting today.

A few years ago my friend Melissa published a cookbook (affiliate link) with a really epic banana cream pie recipe in it. I made it once, I made it five times, I made it when no one else was home to share it with me because that’s the kind of monster I am? and that’s the brief history how I ended up on the runaway train of thick and cold and creamy banana cream pie fandom.

Being that I only have two adults and a baby in my house, and being that banana cream pie doesn’t really keep well as leftovers, I have stumbled into a new routine of making these two-person banana cream pies in ramekins or jars. Can’t exactly call them mini, because even though they are meant to serve just one person, these pies are deep-dish level big boys that are packed to the brim with…

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