These cookie pops have vintage appeal all while tasting terrific! Their extra-cute rosy cheeks and top hats were inspired by mid-century spun cotton snowmen ornaments.

My collection of vintage Christmas decor is getting a little out of hand, so rather than add more to my stockpile, I decided to let them inspire some of my sweets! I spotted some seriously cute spun head snowmen decorations on Instagram by purveyor of excellent vintage wares, Magpie Ethel. Their shape already reminded me of a lollipop, so I had a good place to start!

Vintage Snowman Cookie Pops

Just two ingredients makes the filling for these cookie pops. A mixture of pulverized vanilla wafers and cream cheese pulsed together in the food processor creates an unsticky dough that can be rolled between your palms.

Vintage Snowman Cookie Pops

A cookie scoop will make the portioning go faster, so I recommend using one (see my gift guide for recommendation). If you’ve ever made…

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