Craving a Bloody Mary but doing a dry challenge? Make this Virgin Bloody Mary, also known as the Virgin Mary, and you won’t miss the vodka!

Virgin Bloody Mary
Virgin Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is one of the most popular brunch cocktails. This mocktail version is loaded with flavor – spicy, savory, and salty. It’s perfect if you want a cocktail without alcohol. Of course, if you want to add some vodka, go for it! For more drink recipes without alcohol, try my Nojito (a mojito without the rum) and Salpicón (a Colombian fruit drink).

Virgin Bloody Mary

I’m starting a dry challenge this month, I did one in November. Why? A few reasons:

  1. I don’t want the empty calories
  2. Better sleep
  3. No hangover the next day
  4. More energy to exercise

That being said, I will be sharing more mocktail recipes here. If you have requests please let me know in the comments!

Are they healthy?

This mocktail is actually highly nutritious! Tomato juice…

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