Walking Tacos are quick and easy deconstructed tacos that are made and served right in a chip bag.  Great for active parties or on the go meals because they are filling and fast!

If you have time to sit and enjoy all the crunchy taco goodness, try Beef Taco Salad or Taco Casserole.  They are flavorful and easy to load with all your favorite taco ingredients!

Overhead view of walking tacos.

Easy Walking Tacos

Walking tacos remind me of a taco salad, just in a handy, portable bag.  These are definitely a huge hit at sleepovers or campsites where no one wants to slow down long enough to sit down while they eat.  Pack them with fresh, healthy toppings like avocado and lean ground beef to ensure they are not only fun and fast, but filling too!

This is the best kid friendly meal ever!  Not only because it includes their favorite chips, but also because cleanup is a breeze.  Each bag can be filled with their favorite…

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