Do you ever look at recipes online and wonder, are these really as delicious as they seem? Yeah, same.

And that’s right, over the last 6 weeks, Krista (our shoot assistant at POY and a blogger at Destination Delish) and I together made 10 of the Internet’s BEST Instant Pot recipes. Whoa.

We decided to pick out ten recipes from blogs and websites around the Internet that seem to have people all in a tizzy with their high reviews, pins, saves, comments, and all-around popularity, and actually put them to the test.

We grocery shopped, we sautéed, we natural-pressure-released, we sampled and sampled some more, we took notes, we raved, we critiqued, we felt happy eating a lot of really good food.

And here it is today – our big report. Our big Best Instant Pot Recipes report.

Here’s what you’ll get with each recipe:

  • a link to the recipe
  • a photo of how each…

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