Here’s a great question from a reader about aquafaba. Have you heard of it? Wondering how to use it as an egg substitute? We have the answers!


READER QUESTIONI’ve been seeing aquafaba on many of the healthy recipe sites lately. Can you tell me what the deal is with this?

Of course! Plain and simple: aquafaba is the liquid found in a can of chickpeas. It’s super starchy, so when it’s whipped it becomes velvety and foamy. Ok, ok, so that’s nice and all, but why are we whipping the liquid from a can of chickpeas?

Aquafaba is really popular in vegan cooking and baking — mainly as an egg replacer. It’s a great binder and helps add structure (and lightness) to baked goods and meringues. I’ve also seen it used in vegan mayonnaise and I have…

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