It’s always in our pantry. It’s in practically every baking recipe. It’s got a permanent spot on our grocery list. And, if we didn’t realize before how much we rely on it, the buying rush and ensuing shortage last spring due to the pandemic made it pretty clear that everyone wants to have it on hand.

Yes, I’m taking about flour.

Today we consider availability, consistency, and specialty for a list of flour brands we rely on and buy again and again!

Our Favorite All-Purpose Flours

We love King Arthur Baking Company, Bob’s Red Mill, and Gold Medal for all-purpose flour.

King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour

$6.99 for three 3-pound bags from King Arthur Baking Company

Formerly known as King Arthur Flour, King Arthur Baking Company updated their new name and logo last summer to better represent the company’s commitment to all kinds of baking….

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